ISBN: 978-1-1199-4225-2

448 pages

March 2013


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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1    Introduction to research

Chapter 2    The scientific approach and alternative approaches to investigation

Chapter 3    The broad problem area and defining the problem statement

Chapter 4    The critical literature review

Chapter 5    Theoretical framework and hypothesis development

Chapter 6    Elements of research design

Chapter 7    Data collection methods: Introduction and interviews

Chapter 8    Data collection methods: Observation

Chapter 9    Data collection methods: Questionnaires

Chapter 10  Experimental designs

Chapter 11  Measurement of variables: Operational definition

Chapter 12  Measurement: Scaling, reliability, validity

Chapter 13  Sampling

Chapter 14  Quantitative data analysis

Chapter 15  Quantitative data analysis: Hypothesis testing

Chapter 16  Qualitative data analysis

Chapter 17  The research report